The 14 Best Indoor Plant Stands

We couldn’t think of a single legitimate reason our plants shouldn’t be displayed on the walls! Wooden plant propagation station and make the interiors look prettier. If you’re into the stool-as-plant-stand thing but prefer a more minimalist aesthetic, here’s a set of simple wooden ones you can use the same way as those above. The shelves on this cart are all the same size — 16 inches by 12 inches — and it has two locking wheels. A clear acrylic sculpture-display pedestal for a very special plant. It’s just shy of three feet tall and has a 12-inch-square footprint, so it won’t take up much space.

Make your living space a lush oasis with elegantly foliaged décor from Westside Home. This modish plant holder consists of a flourishing plant within an ivory colored cylindrical pot, ensconced in a tripodal metallic frame. This rolling plant stand is a must-have for proud plant parents of sun-needy house plants that appear to be on the edge of death daily between November and February. Roll your perked-up plants indoors at the end of the day to protect them from harsh elements. The six-shelf plant stand is crafted from caramel-stained solid wood and finished with multiple polishes to enhance natural graining throughout. Take your botanical obsession to the next level with our fresh-picked plant stands.

planters stands look good with greens and add floral and leafy green freshness to the interiors. But one can get creative with the planters and put them to multiple alternative uses. Planters can be made of a variety of materials all of which serve a variety of purposes. They can be made of clay, which is porous and allows the soil and plants to breathe better.

This combo is a great way to style any place & add pla… This industrial-chic bookshelf has a unique A-frame shape that will work well for a bunch of medium-size plants. If you don’t have enough pots to fill it at first, you can store extra soil or your watering can on the lower shelves. If you don’t love the look of bamboo, this unit is a great alternative. The shelves are glass, so it looks a little more sophisticated but no more fussy than bamboo, and water will wipe right off.

A planter stand is used to either place a plant at a higher level so it gets better sunlight and nutrition, or to make sure different plants can be kept at different levels. Plant Stand is ideal for providing attraction & height to your flower pots. Made from concrete, this architectural plant stand is durable for both indoor and outdoor use. This simple plant stand elevates your greenery without taking up too much visual space, perfect for those of us with more minimalist sensibilities.

This modish plant holder consists of an ivory colored cylindrical pot ensconced in a four-legged metallic frame. The perfect addition for your home or office settings is this dragon plant from Westside Home. The faux plant features realistic leaves in shades of green and white for added appeal and comes fixed into a pot covered with pebbles…

For a really uniform look, place one plant in the middle of each cubby for a clean and sophisticated display. A daily dose of outstanding design pictures and tips in your inbox. Safe and Secure Payments.Easy returns.100% Authentic products.

Contemporary planters are planters with unique modern designs. Like planters raised from the ground with wooden legs and a geometric pot or a pebble shaped pot to hold plants and give height to the decor. These planters then become decor objects to elevate the aesthetics of the home.

Planters can cost a lot if you have tons of plants at home. See if you want to display only a few of your plants in planters. It is important to find a planter that is the correct size for your plant.

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