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Any salon will benefit from the chic, contemporary look of the Pibbs 4506 Bari Styling Chair, designed for durability and client comfort. The modern and sleek design of the Scatolina Styling Chair is just as stylish as it is comfortable. With angular square shaped arms, a raised and curved backrest support, and high density memory foam cushioning, your clients are sure to feel relaxed in this chair.

Equipped with a heavy-duty hydraulic pump, it can handle weights over 450 lbs. The Pibbs 5906 Samantha Hair salon chair has a light wood and chrome design, with Padded leatherette arms as an option for special orders. Includes a 27” heavy-duty hydraulic pump and base or choose from other base styles like square and star. The Pibbs 3706 Pisa salon styling chair is made in the USA with multiple options such as a T-shaped or U-shaped footrest, many durable bases, and color options. The Havana Hair Salon Styling Chair is one of our newest styles and offers excellent quality at an affordable price.

New Hydraulic chairs from Sibel with stylish square design and available in Black, Brown or Croco Black. Contemporary designed seat with a molded foam shape finished in black snake skin effect. Stunning styling chair with a button backrest and brass stud detailing.AVAILABLE FOR DELIVERY IN JANUARY PLEASE EMAIL FOR DETAILS. In series of delivering an exceptional product line, we offer highly durable range of Ladies Salon Chair that are durable in nature and ensures easy applications.

Salon is a place that people visit to take a break from their daily routine. Thus, at Ikonic World, we have developed a diverse range of salon equipment that are designed to enhance your services. If your salon skills give a 10 on 10 experience, our equipment will take it a notch and make it 11 on 10. Comfortable, stylish waiting chairs are a necessity in all beauty and hairdressing salons.

Bolster Cushion, Full Round, Medium, Grey, 15x66cmSign in or register to view pricing & purchase. Bolster Cushion, Full Round, Large, White, 22x66cmSign in or register to view pricing & purchase. This chair has thick cushioning on the seat and back, it has a wider seat and openings at the armrests to allow customers a bit more wiggle room while seated. Coronado’s ample, thick padding will ensure your clients’ comfort.

Featuring a curved modern design, the Milla Styling Chair has a fully upholstered open-back seat that makes cleaning between sessions a breeze. Its one-piece construction means there are no crevasses for hair to get stuck. Excellent quality at an affordable price, this salon chair swivels a full 360 degrees and is height adjustable allowing the perfect height for all of your clients. The Pibbs 3606 Messina salon styling chair is a contemporary design made in the USA with high-quality craftsmanship.

The Hair Health & Beauty range of salon cutting chairs includes chairs with an open-back design; standard cutting stools; and chairs and stools with curved, saddle seating. The curved design of the Gama Salon Chair is as comfortable as it is stylish. This molded one-piece chair has a large curved backrest that provides your clients with a superior level of comfort. The open-back build allows for easy cleaning and maintenance after sessions.

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