Mini Phone Charger Hidden Camera

The camera is located on the front of the AC Charger’s facia amongst writing. This means when you plug the charger into a wall socket, the camera faces straight outwards and at a slight incline of 15 degrees which helps provide a better viewing angle especially when plugged low to the floor. This functional USB Charger Hidden Camera is equipped with an HD 1080P colour camera allowing you to remotely monitor your home or business premises on a smartphone from anywhere in the world. Plug the AC Charger into a mains wall socket, and the internet camera will monitor and capture live events. The smart design of the camera points upwards at a 15-degree angle which helps obtain a better viewing when the AC Charger is plugged low to the floor.

Do you know for sure your Android, iOS smartphone / tablet or computer is secure against cyber professionals intent on stealing personal and/or corporate information for financial gain? Commercial anti-virus and malware protection just doesnt cut it anymore. Now you can add a real protective layer to your digital life. Directly connect the camera to your computer with the included double USB cable. Free assistance is available for the first 90 days on new purchases, excluding internal hardware installations or networking support. Your invoice reference number will be required for free assistance.

Sync the charger hidden camera with your phoneRemote View + Control from any iOS/Android device via a cool APPMotion Detection Recording. This USB charger hidden camera has accurate video motion sensor – reports suspicious activity as it happensLive email/in-app notifications. When red flag signs/moves occur, wifi spy camera alerts youGreat storage capacity – up to 128GB (SD Card Not Incl. here).

The card can also be removed from the USB Charger, and the footage played on any Windows or Mac computer without the need of special software. The hidden camera can work from a variety of compatible power sources, such as power outlet adapters or USB port chargers, which can also help adjust the viewing angle of your video. It is ok to worry about your loved ones or belongings, but how about enjoying life more?

Having an unsecured camera attached to your Wi-Fi could backfire and result in people spying on you, or neighbors messing with your camera through their own Wi-Fi connection. Depending on the build of the camera you choose, password options and other security settings may or may not be possible. People behave differently when they know they’re being recorded.

Nevertheless, strange issues can always arise with electronics, so it may be worth keeping an eye on customer support options as a bonus feature. It almost goes without saying, but you’ll want to avoid cheap designs that aren’t discreet. Some USB cameras will use a recording indicator light that you can’t turn on or off. Some can be easily identified as USB chargers from a glance, while others simply look like a strange black box plugged into the wall. These minor details add up to ensure the device remains subtly undetected. Higher resolutions are obviously nicer to look at and generally easier to see, but they also create larger files that eat up drive space.

And if they notice it and they’re not sure what it is, they’ll probably just see a strange box plugged into the wall — nothing to raise an eyebrow at. This is new spy cameras of small size is very convenient for us when traveling. The IQ USB wall charger camera will automatically records in full 1080P HD video when the slightest movement is detected and save data to SD card. The HC242 features auto overwrite aka “”loop recording”” mode. This means if the hidden memory card fills up, the camera will automatically overwrite the oldest video files so that it can continue recording, which makes for easy “”hands off”” video surveillance. Foresee’s spy cam uses motion detection recording, which can alert you anytime motion is detected either through an app notification or through an email.

But what really stands out here is Foresee’s camera is the only device on this list which makes use of motion detection sensitivity options. You probably don’t want an alert every time an a/c vent blows across a plant in the background, and that’s exactly the kind of thing you can avoid with these settings. ✅ MOTION DETECTION – This powerful USB wall charger camera adapter records in full 1080P HD video when the slightest movement is detected for reliable, automatic use. We provide a full 1 year product warranty on the wall charger camera, an easy-to-read user manual, and also provide unlimited lifetime technical support by our US-based product experts via phone, email, and live chat. Videos are recorded to a removable 32GB internal memory card hidden inside the device, which will hold approximately 3-4 hours of HD video at a time. The camera is ready to go out of the box, just plug it in.

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