Is a Good Website For Making Money With a Mixer

Many people are asking, what is a good website for mixing a bunch of coins into one? There are several good websites that offer this service for free. It is important that you choose the website wisely and read some reviews before you buy anything.

If you want to mix all your coins into one then you can start by getting some software. You will need to use one type of software that allows you to generate multiple addresses. These will be used for the mix. Once you have your software you will need to get a bunch of coins.

Then you will need to join an online mixer and then the software will create the mix for you. This can take a few hours if not overnight depending on the number of coins that you are mixing.

The reason you will need to join a mixer is because then the website will let you choose the address that the money goes to when you get it in. If you do not have the mixer then you will have to manually key in your addresses on to a site. Most of the time you will also need to put in a few pieces of personal information that is used to help determine the next person who gets paid. You can get more information about tumbler bitcoin

You can get started mixing some of the coins from any online mixer you sign up with. Just make sure that the mixer you choose does not charge you a monthly fee. This is very important because they have to keep the website running.

I would not recommend trying to mix multiple coins at one time at different sites. This can take several hours and you can end up losing coins if you do this. So, instead of mixing hundreds of coins at one time go to one place and get started.3} When you get started you will probably want to mix a few coins at one place and then go to different places until you are happy with the results. When you go to different places you will need to use a different software for mixing them. When you are done with mixing just take out the keys and change your address.

Make sure to keep your private key private and keep it safe. This way it cannot be used to get paid from someone else. This is why you should join a mixer as well as they can be very helpful.

Once you are happy with the software you will be happy with the results. And the whole process will be very simple. With the right software you can make sure you are making a ton of money.

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