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Golf course insurance at Club Insure can include a wide range of extensions, from golf buggy insurance to greens cover to club shop equipment insurance. Each of our policies are unique and tailored to your club, as we know no club is the same. The Preferred Club Program from Venture Programs is the only club insurance provider trusted with underwriting authority from three A.M. Best A-rated or better insurance carriers, which enables us to accomodate the broadest spectrum of risks in the golf industry with all lines coverage. The growing popularity of golf clubs and resorts is evident by the fact that the USA alone is home to 43% of all the golf courses in the world. Currently, there are around 15,500 golf courses in the USA.

Ultimately, it is the property that makes a golf club or a resort the wonder that it appears to be. Hence, insuring this massive commercial property should be the first thing on a resort or golf course owner’s mind. Several specialized insurance companies around the USA specifically deal with the insurance of large commercial properties like golf clubs, resorts, 7-star hotels and malls. We are the largest club insurance provider that works exclusively with retail agents, which … Golf courses need to be able to cover grounds, staff, machinery, the public, members, clubhouses and facilities. They include Building and contents insurance , grounds cover, personal accident cover, public liability insurance and employers’ liability insurance. to know more click this link

The opinions expressed and material provided are for general information, and should not be considered a solicitation for the purchase or sale of any security. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all insurance policy when it comes to your business. We provide complete insurance solutions that are uniquely designed to fulfill the special insurance needs of Golf and Country Clubs.

Many of the same insurers that offer protection for your home or automobile also serve as safety nets for golf courses. Whether you operate a public golf course, private country club, driving range, or miniature golf course, we know you don’t want your operations handicapped by insurance red tape. You’ll find our insurance to be better than par, so you can focus on running your business and not worrying about your insurance protection.

Club Insure only provide insurance commercially for businesses and golf courses. We will not insure an individual golf player’s bag, irons, trolley, buggie or accident cover. We provide contents, player and machinery cover for golf courses which will cover individual’s if they have an accident that wasn’t their fault on the course. All machinery vehicles and equipment owned by the golf club are covered with our specialist machinery and equipment insurance.

The key for insurers is identifying how best to protect courses, of which there are a number of ways. One type of coverage is referred to as “tee to green,” which — just as it sounds — would compensate courses for any damages from the tee box through the fairway to the putting surface. Typically, for that kind of coverage, Sentry will offer $1 million worth of benefits, though it can be increased depending on the specific needs of the course.

Further covers include business interruption protection and cyber insurance. CLub Insure provides a bespoke visitation service to determine your risk and will quote the level of cover your golf course requires. According to one source, on average, ski resorts in the USA spend between $350 and $700 per year on their general liability insurance premiums. But this amount is specific to an insurance claim of $ 1 million or less. Basically, the more risky your business is, the higher will be the cost of your monthly or yearly premiums.

Golf clubs and resorts can be built hundreds of meters below sea level on the world’s most picturesque beaches or hundreds of meters above sea level on the world’s most scenic mountain ranges. Golf courses and country clubs are exposed to a unique combination of risks. Investing in a comprehensive golf course insurance policy is one of the smartest things you can do for your golf course.

Policies that fit your unique responsibilities and exposures – whether you’re a private, public, nonprofit or a financial institution. Ultimately, Hyland said, just as good teaching pros tailor their game-improvement advice for each of their student’s swings, golf-course insurers should follow the same principle with their clients. The premiums which courses would have to pay for the tee-to-green coverage will depend on the coverage limits that are purchased, and those will vary from state to state.

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