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Technical and consumer handbooks available, Trialling recommended for digital printing. Carbonless Paper – allows multiple copies without the use of carbon paper. Giroform is HP Indigo certified and works on all Drytoner machines. Giroform a top-of-the-range carbonless paper suitable for businesses, large and small, or anyone requiring multipart sets. Ideal for invoices, order forms, delivery notes etc. Giroformstands for a practical, wide range of carbonless papers in top quality.Giroformpapers have good running properties, excellent copy, and exact line sharpness.

All prices are ex.VAT & delivery and are subject to change – standard terms and conditions apply. Giroform sockets Magnet Ø 31.9 x 6 mm, including socket and retention disc. Henry Schein delivers the solutions health care professionals rely on to improve the performance of their practice so they can improve the lives of patients.

During writing the released colour formers are absorbed and create an immediate colour reaction on the front of the sheet. The reverse side is coated with the same coating as the CB sheet. This sheet grade is therefore pressure sensitive and requires correct handling. Giroform Fanapart Carbonless Paper Adhesive for Giroform carbonless paper to multiple sets by fan-apart….

Carbonless paper for the digital production of personalised and individualised documents and forms. Suitable for all common digital toner printing systems, b/w copiers and business solutions printing systems. Available as CB, CFB and CF in up to six colours. Available in reels and sheets as well as precollated sets. IngiroformDIGITAL we have developed a universal 80 gsm carbonless grade for the digital production of individual, personalised forms and documents.

The copy is created as a result of writing pressure which causes a colour reaction in the interaction between the two coatings on the reverse and front sides of the paper. Not all Amann Girrbach products are available in every market. Please contact your respective dealer for further information.

The Giroform® is a complete system with many additional components for added functionality. Carbonless paper for all types of form sets such as self-separating and quick release sets. Giroform Sheet is a non-carbon fine paper, that is superbly flexible in application when producing forms. Sharp and distinctive black image impression, superior press performance and excellent bulk and opacity.

Giroform DIGITAL – for the digital production of personalized, individual forms and documents on all common digital toner printing systems. Precise and fast pin drilling machine that produces identical and uniform holes to guarantee pin friction. The plate holder is magnetically secured at the base and a laser guidance system ensures accuracy with the “one button” drill system.

In order to guarantee pin friction, identical, smoothfaced and regular holes are drilled into the giroform base plate. The precise drill guide also enables uniform drilling depth. These specific characteristics of the Giroform pin drill guarantee precise, fast and cost-effective model manufacture. The pin drill allows precise, fast and safe determination of the desired drill position. The plate holder is fastened magnetically, securing the drill position. Almost all form requirements can be fulfilled withgiroform.Giroformis available FSC®or PEFC™ certified and very environmentally friendly, naturally.

To produce a form, at least two sheet types are required. For form sets with more than two sheets another sheet grade is required as a middle sheet. Giroform Duplication Flask For the duplication of refractory dies varying in size from single segments up to the complete dental arch.

Giroform papers are available in white and up to five different tints in reels, sheets, and pre-collated sets. The world renowned Giroform carbonless paper range, which is made up of standard carbonless grades as well as a wide range of speciality grades……. Giroform by Amann Girrbach allows precise, fast and safe determination of the desired drill position.

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