Generator Field Service Technician Jobs

Nonetheless, there are various aspects to review before hiring a certified technician. Founded in 1944, Curtis Engine is a highly-specialized provider of world-class power generation equipment and services throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We are a growing company and always looking for customer-service oriented, knowledgeable, intelligent, and ambitious sales engineers and generator field service technicians. A Generator Field Service Technician repairs and services diesel and natural gas engine driven generator sets, electrical controls, and automatic transfer switches. This position involves troubleshooting and completing repairs on the entire system with customer contact throughout the process. Since this is a field service position, travel is required and a good driving record is a condition of employment.

As such, investing in a high-quality diesel Business is a wise decision as it can offer reliable power for several years. Most genuine brands come with lengthy manufacturer warranty, so you can trust the generator to operate at maximum efficiency. However, like most mechanical and electrical systems , your generator needs periodic maintenance.

For us, community involvement is at the core of who we are and what we do. We believe in supporting the system that, in turn, supports us. We hold an Annual Blood Drive hosted by Children’s Hospital in Boston. We have donated generator equipment to Haiti and provided rental generators for a speech former President Obama made in Boston, shortly after the Boston Bombings occurred. We were also active in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hit and in New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy.

Hence, it is best to always keep them in premium condition with the help of a truly skilled and knowledgeable specialist. Essentially, it’s a cost-effective way of maintaining a generator and saving cost with professional assistance. This helps alleviate worries of replacing a generator for a couple of years and avoid complications in the long run that are quite expensive to repair.

With a fleet of nearly 400 generators ranging in size from 15 kilowatt to 4 Megawatt, we have the rental generator to meet your project’s needs. As a design-build solutions provider, we offer both Trailer Mounted Generators and High Capacity Units providing you with multiple portable power solutions. In addition, we provide complete Fueling Service, Auxiliary Fuel Tanks, Electrical Cable and Distribution Systems and Equipment, as well as Certified Electricians to make the connections safely and reliably.

Maintain proper stock, parts, tools, and safety equipment in vehicle. Ability to work independently and make decisions in the best interest of the customer and the company. Therefore make sure you place it well away from the potential gathering of people and even more important away from any children. Finally, as well make sure your equipment and generator are placed away from potential rainfall or snow to avoid any malfunctions. If a problem such as noise pollution has come up, you can hire an acoustic canopy that can deaden the sound coming from the generator. It can also lead to your equipment breaking due to inconsistent power going through it which we want to avoid.

Make sure you pick impartial blogs and forums to learn more about the company. Market reputation can help you determine if the company or technician keeps its word. Captivating the skills of our professionals, we offer Generator On Rent basis which is extensively used by the customers due to its various applications. We provide our services nationwide, 24 hours / 365 days of the year. Before using your generator it’s key that you are complying with the rules, regulations and laws set by the government.

Comparing offers against top competitors also allows you to get better value. Instead, try a couple of services to determine which one suits your needs. A simpler and easier route when hiring a generator is using the help from the experts in generators such as Pleavin Power. Once you’ve decided that you will definitely need a generator to power whatever you are planning, reach out to a generator hire expert.

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