Efficacy, Safety, and Regulation of Cannabidiol on Chronic Pain: A Systematic Review PMC

Upon checking for duplicates, 22 publications were excluded. Filters were applied using the exclusion and inclusion criteria to exclude 1704 publications. Other reasons include manual screening and protocol articles that eliminated 523 publications. Abstracts were screened, and 25 publications out of 49 were excluded. Two do not have full texts, and one is an animal study, hence excluded. The remaining publications were assessed for eligibility using the appropriate assessment tool.

It is advisable to talk to your doctor or your budtender before settling on a dosage. If your doctor hasn’t recommended dosage, it is best to start small and increase it gradually until the desired effect is achieved. The third way to use the best cbd for pain in India is topical i.e., by external application on the skin.

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The FDA has not approved CBD for any other use at this point in time. The key again is to know the source and check the ingredients and the amounts so you know exactly what you’re using. © 2023 Healthline Media UK Ltd, Brighton, UK. All rights reserved.

Many patients with mild pain only need to take 20 mg or fewer of CBD each time. However, those with more serious pain due to chronic arthritis, IBS, or migraines may need to take as much as 50 mg at a time. If you find you need these higher doses, look for a high-potency CBD oil. This way, you can get the dose of CBD you need without having to swallow multiple droppers of the product at once. CBD is all-natural and works in several different ways to relieve pain. It is great at reducing inflammation, which makes it an effective option for inflammatory conditions like arthritis.

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