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Speaking of Padstow, the Obby Oss Festival is one of the most important weekends in the harbour town, and I’ve been! Many years ago but I was there watching the May Day folk festival take place. Legend has it that Jesus visited here with his uncle, and a small chapel was erected in their honour. If you want to take a break from the bustling crowd in the main city of Cornwall then Looe Island is the perfect escape for you.

Enjoy attractions like the Tresco Abbey Gardens, castles steeped in history and boat trips to see seals, Cornwall’s cutest animal. Many of these, like Kynance Cove, Perranporth Beach and Widemouth Bay, are immensely popular, although there are lots of lesser touristy beaches that are ideal for the quieter summer months. In recent years, the Cornish language has had a resurgence, partially tied to the growing passion that locals have for their homeland. For me , the very least is that Cornwall deserves is more recognition of its unique heritage; and possibly devolution like Scotland and Wales.

Although less than 1% of Cornwall’s population speak the language and ‘mother tongue’ speakers are in their hundreds rather than thousands, the language continues to play a significant part in the culture of Cornwall. In the west, Devon and Cornwall held out as the British kingdom of Dumnonia. By the time that Classical written sources appear, Cornwall was inhabited by tribes speaking Celtic languages. This appears to indicate that the tribe of the Cornovii, known from earlier Roman sources as inhabitants of an area centred on modern Shropshire, had by about the 5th century established a power-base in the south-west .

Tickets can be purchased via the First Bus All or from the driver using cash and contactless payment options. For absolute novices to seasoned sailors feel the rush of the waves as you learn the tricks of boating technique. Family friendly and accessible experiences are also available year round.

Cornwall sits proudly on the South West tip of England and welcomes millions of visitors a year seeking to get away from it all and enjoy their holidays. Cornwall has a small but growing film industry, mostly focusing on the Cornish language and culture. The Cornish film industry is supported by organisations such as War-rag (War-rag meaning “”ahead”” in Cornish).

For up to date information for the weather in Cornwall, check theMet Office website. The population of some of these locations can soar during the summer with tourists flocking to the destinations with Newquay’s population reaching over 100,000 making it a bigger town than West Bromwich, Preston and Bath. The county of Cornwall is the most westerly in all of the UK, in fact, Cornwall can boast both the most southerly and westerly points on mainland Britain at Land’s End and Lizard Point. With castle ruins and old tin mines dotted throughout the county, the history in Cornwall is also something that is to be celebrated alongside the changing scenery and local produce. Cornwall is famed for its world-renowned beaches which make it a surfing haven in the UK as well as one of the leading holiday destinations in the UK.

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