Big Mouth: The Best Characters, Ranked

In the meantime, here are just some of the voices behind the excruciatingly adolescent characters of Big Mouth. Netflix’s Big Mouth just dropped its fourth season and introduced the kids to the anxiety monsters that have joined the hormone monsters in tormenting their adolescence. These kids have had to deal with everything from menstruation to first dates to humiliation to the worst parents imaginable.

The renowned host of the “Girl Talk with Richard Kind” segment of John Mulaney’sSack Lunch BunchNetflix special, Kind has appeared as a cast member of the long-running sitcomsMad About You,Spin City andCurb Your Enthusiasm. He’s also been a voice actor in Pixar classicsA Bug’s Life,Toy Story 3,Inside Out andCars. See the actors behind some of your favorite animated features and series, from Anya Taylor-Joy in The Super Mario Bros. Missy’s parents, Cyrus and Monica, are played by Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti, who are married in real life. Making his comeback after 2 years, the maker of many popular modern dramas, Oh Choong Hwan PDnim has again been successful in implanting the entertainment factor within the audience.

Thanks to some great writing and voice acting, the Netflix series Big Mouth has a wide range of funny and unique characters, and these are the best. Thewlis, a storied British actor in both film and television, is probably best known as Remus Lupin from the Harry Potter franchise, and was most recently nominated for an Emmy for his role in the third season of Fargo. A former child actress, Keke Palmer made a name for herself as the star of the film Akeelah and the Bee and the titular True Jackson VP on Nickelodeon. She received a Primetime Emmy Award for her performance in the Short Form Series, Keke Palmer‘s Turnt Up With the Taylors.

Missy sometimes has trouble relating to her peers due to her sheltered upbringing and general naiveté, but during Season 3, she starts to mature and eventually gains her own hormone monster, Mona. In Season 4, Missy also begins exploring her African-American heritage. TV writer Andrew Goldberg and screenwriter-directors Jennifer Flackett and Mark Levin approached Nick Kroll, Goldberg’s best friend since childhood, with the idea to develop a show about going through puberty. Kroll and Goldberg used their divergent pubertal experiences as a centerpiece of the show, because Kroll was a late bloomer while Goldberg went through the physical changes of puberty very early. Big Mouth was also partially inspired to help aid teenagers in states with abstinence based sex education. Many of their lived experiences are featured in the show, such as Kroll’s first kiss, and Goldberg’s parents waxing his mustache.

Maury may come across, at first, as an experienced monster with wisdom, but he is an emotionally volatile monster that often lets his desire for sex take precedent over level-headed thinking. He has had a past relationship with big mouth characters and hormone monster, Connie. The two often fight and bicker, but Connie, to him, will always be the one that got away. Their ranking, like Nick and Andrew’s relationship in the show, is inseparable.

A paternity mystery arises, and as with all great fictional paternity mysteries, it’s going to get solved by an homage to Mamma Mia!. Three members of the “”famous post-9/11 boy band”” Bros 4 Life appear on Lola’s doorstep, each one being her possible dad. The Bros are voiced by The Office star Ed Helms, The Voice judge Adam Levine, and I Love That for You and Fire Island star Matt Rogers, and obviously there will be boy-band production numbers aplenty. One of the items on the Purity Test regards dancing “”without leaving room for Jesus,”” something that intrigues Missy and terrifies Elijah. And, this being Big Mouth, it means we’re getting a cameo from JC himself, voiced by rapper and Odd Future founding member Tyler the Creator.

Jessi Klein was the head writer and executive producer of Inside Amy Schumer. She was also a writer on Saturday Night Live and Michael and Michael Have Issues. We all knew a dad like Nick’s growing up — an endless source of over-sharing embarrassment.

There’s no confirmed release date for Season 6 yet, but fans can stream Seasons 1 through 5 of Big Mouth while they wait. Here’s our handy guide for which new characters will be voiced by which notable performers. No more racking your brain trying to place that harsh Scottish brogue or twangy Broadway belter! I am particularly upset with the ending because I was manifesting a lot.

DeVon, is a recurring character and classmate of the main characters. His name is pronounced Dee-Vawn, but his girlfriend, Devin, has forced him to change the pronunciation so that their names can match. He is one of the coolest kids at school, he’s chill, dates a popular girl, and is “old as hell.” His calm demeanor and interesting character arc make him one of the show’s most affable characters. Big Mouth is one of the most outlandish and absurd takes on the adolescent experience, expertly entertaining Netflix viewers with the intense awkwardness that regrettably comes with puberty.

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